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"In order that you come to understand the method..."

Insertio Scidulam Quaeso Ut Faciundam Cognoscas Rationem

Anyone know what that means?

Turns out those four years of high school Latin might not have been the complete waste of time you thought they were.

Besides being able to translate the inscriptions on money, if you happen to find yourself in Vatican City—the Pope's neighborhood and the seat of Catholic power—you'll be able to get cash without having to ask for help or fumble through menus until you find the English option. A Ph.D. candidate in Classics at Columbia translates the screen thusly:

I ask that you insert [your] card in order that you come to understand the method needing to be used.

But more colloquially, we can do this:

Please insert your card to learn the instructions.

or even (although I’m really getting into sloppy translation territory here):

Please insert your card for instructions.

Update: And it may be more accurate to say that Vatican City ATMs previously offered a Latin option. According to @johnke, “they removed the Latin option with a software update sometime in late 2010/early 2011..

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