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The 20 Best Charles Dickens Adaptations, Ranked

No one's going to say "Bah, Humbug!" to these adaptations

By Jeremy Urquhart at Collider

Few authors who passed away before cinema itself was invented have proven to be quite as prominent within the world of film as Charles Dickens. The famed English writer was born in 1812 and passed away in 1870, with the earliest short film (if it can be defined as such) being made in 1874. All that's to say, there's clearly no way Dickens would've known this is how many of his stories would be consumed and enjoyed, yet there has proven to be something surprisingly cinematic about his stories, ideas, and characters. Otherwise, there wouldn't be countless adaptations of his works by various filmmakers over the past century or so.

His novels, short stories, and other publications live on not just because such writings are still studied and read, but also because they're continually adapted into film and sometimes miniseries. Compiling some of the best adaptations among these inevitably leads to multiple adaptations of the same source material, but the different approaches to such stories keep these new spins on old tales interesting. What follows is a collection of the best and most notable filmed Charles Dickens adaptations, starting with the good and ending with the great.



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